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The Molecular Millionaires

Biopreneur: The Molecular Millionaires

Price: US$ 35.50


Soft Cover

Pages: 280

70 color images, tables and illustrations

ISBN-10: 0-9822001-0-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-9822001-1-7

It is considered that the bio-business is going to be the fastest growing sector of the world economy during this century. Some even designate the 21st century as the bio-century.


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What do the biotech experts have to say about the book …..

Mahadev Murthy, Ph.D., MBA.
Program Director at National Institutes of Health
Wasington DC, USA



“Biopreneurs: The Molecular Millionnaires” is superbly written in a simple format that can be understood even by non-technical persons despite incredible complexities of the biotechnology ventures. Remarkable advances in bioscience during the last decade have further spurred the imagination of entrepreneurs, who often tend to be global thinkers, adventurous, risk takers and market makers despite the odds.

Individual chapters in this book provide a glimpse of scientific and business opportunities and challenges that entrepreneurs often wrestle with in this sector. Early chapters focus on technology and product development strategies. Chapters on funding and fund raising nicely bring out some lessons that most entrepreneurs would love to know, particularly in this global business climate. Two major shifts that are of interest to the readers are the ‘product spread’ and the ‘market spread,’ which could create more global investment and market opportunities, but also could add enormous risks. In other words, these shifts have created unprecedented global entrepreneurs in this sector. This book will be a great read for anyone who is interested in this sector. “

Ulf Landegren, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor at Uppsala University
Stockholm Area, Sweden


“As my lab has spun out five companies I have had reason to think about these matters. I will introduce your book to students who want to acquaint themselves with entrepreneurial considerations…..
I enjoyed reading the perspective presented in your book presents, a perspective which is probably the more usual one.”


Michael Herrler, Ph.D. MBA
Director, Platform Development at SciGene
San Francisco, California, USA

“Great job! You really try to motivate people to start a bioventure.

Aynampudi Subbarao, MBA
Adviser in Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.
Professor SPJIMR Business School
Mumbai, India

“….Want to be a Biopreneur- entrepreneur in Biobusiness? Read the guide from Dr Ryan Baidya. Apart from covering stages of innovation the book also covers fund raising, valuation, marketing and PR +IR (Public Relations and Investor Relations. All explained in simple text by a practitioner with insights.”


David Lustig, Ph.D.
VP, Business Development at Optivia Biotechnology
San Francisco, California, USA


"Biopreneurs does an excellent job of explaining to would-be entrepreneurs the critical path issues for both the business and scientific sides of the biotech industry. The flow charts and checklists are valuable resources to help the inexperienced understand and create development, financing and marketing plans. They also serve as useful as reminders for even the most seasoned veterans.

Well done!

I will recommend Biopreneurs to those who are starting or want to start a bio company.”




Viren Konde, Ph.D.
Sr. Executive at Genova Biopharma
Pune, India

“Baidya and Shiratani have attempted to interpret the diverse nature biotechnology industry and its relation with entrepreneurship by co-authoring a biotechnology guide mostly intended for venture capitalists, other investors, biotech executives and scientists with the special emphasis on how and why to invest in start-up and early-stage ventures.

The approach taken by the authors is not to describe specific companies (case studies) or specific industry sectors (value chain) but rather to discuss broader areas of entrepreneurship paths in biotechnology.

.. this book reveals a lot of imagination that has gone into developing biotech companies, which is regarded as important. For those contemplating to set up a bioventure, there are lots of ideas that would be helpful for the first-time investors of bio-enterprises. The audience for such a book is most definitely investors new to the biotech sector, to understand the underlying drivers and students enrolled for enterprise education, and unfamiliar to this sector.”


Tetsuya Takada, R.Ph., MBA
President at TIPharms & Company
Tokyo, Japan

"This book teach us how business strategic mind is important as well as pursue research. Please read before talking your business plan to investors.


Linda Pullan, PhD.
Business Development Consultant at Pullan Consulting
Los Angeles, Califonria, USA


“……Biopreneurs: The Molecular Millionaires is a how-to guide to starting biotech businesses. If you want an overview of pharmaceutical drug development from preclinical studies to the basics of the regulatory process, this is a good place to start. If you want an introduction on funding, from business plan to the roles and expectations of angels and VCS, that is here too. A useful light discussion of PR is included. There are many good figures and tables (e.g., listings of typical studies for drugs in preclinical, the percentage of drug failures for efficacy and safety, who provides various stages of funding)………..”




Natarajan Ganesan, Ph.D., MBA
Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Sequerome LLC
Washington D.C. USA

"Ever been an investor who missed the boat to invest in a great Biotech business because you needed an advisor. Ever wondered what textbook can cover the curriculum for a biotech business oriented course. If there is any other similar situation or the the ones above then you certainly need to consider reading the book "The Molecular Millionaires" by Dr. Ryan Baidya and Miyuki Shiratani. The authors, highly experienced and qualified in their respective fields, bring in their knowledge and experience in creating Biotech startups and lay them down in a very organized and lucid way for beginners in this field.

The book has tried to cover,both, the regular and rare resources that readers can utilize to understand the biotech industry. The book has been written for a broad audience including those without btioech background. There is a sense of elegance of simplicity in the approach taken throughout the course of the book by the authors so that there is no feeling of information dump for a new comer while sticking to core aspects.

The book is also great source for prospective investors who feel the need to invest in this booming field without running the risks that are typical of first-time investors.

This book can easily be an integral part of any curriculum in a business management course for biotech entrepreneurs."

Dr. Ramesh Pandey, Ph.D.
Former Chairman and CEO of XeChem
Chairman GDPAU University,
New Jersey, USA

… this is an wonderful piece of work. I have gone through the entire book critically and found it very useful. Materials are well organized and presented in a manner that is comprehensible by the experts and the novices equally.”

Dr. Rajesh Bhatia, M.D.
Santa Clara, Califonira, USA

The biotechnology guide written by Dr. Ryan Baidya & Miyuki Shitratani amply justifies its title. The book gives in-depth and valuable information to the present as well as future biopreneurs. The scope of the book is really wide which covers all aspects from conception to the delivery of the product by bio-ventures. The authors have given numerous points to ponder as you go along reading the entire book which makes the reading very informal, interesting and suitable for the intended audience.

You cannot but agree with the crystal clear message of the book as the concepts are well defined, well developed and properly explained. The language is very clear, convincing and loaded with the latest information about its field. The illustrations in the book are very helpful in understanding the ideas put forward by the author. The author seems to be an authority on this vast subject as this was supposed to be a very tedious job which has been made simple by inspirational quotes and lucid concluding remarks.

I sincerely think that the book has fully accomplished its goal of educating the future entrepreneurs of new start ups. A wonderful resource guide for all biotechnology venture stakeholders all over the world who dream of making it big someday!”

Lic. Jerónimo Méndez,
University of Uruguay
Montevideo, Uruguay

“..First of all let me tell you that I liked you book very much. Congratulations!

ORT University in Uruguay is launching a new degree in Biotechnology next year. The goal is to train scientists with an entrepreneurial spirit.
I was invited to participate as professor of Bio business and I had to design the grid. I was looking for a book related to it which can be useful for the students. Looking for a book in the internet I found yours recently launched. And found the topics you touched; would be of great help for me and the students.

I have read the book and I found it Very interesting. It is quite difficult to find all these topics related to bio business in one place, and it will be of great help for me in developing the bio business course....”

Jagannathan Parthasarathy, Ph.D.
VP Operations at Business Integra
Maryland, USA

“… Quite enjoyable and thought provoking. I am an engineer who has left behind biology after my 12th year in education. The flow was smooth and matter easily understandable to a lay person like me…”



Edgardo T. Farinas, Ph.D.


Edgardo T. Farinas, Ph.D.

New Jersey Institute of Technology,

Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science,

New Jersey, USA


“…Excellent job! I will request that our library purchase your book.”



Rohit K. Shukla



Rohit K. Shukla
CEO, Larta Institute

Los Angeles, California, USA


 “..this is one of the best examples that our colleagues brings out with persistence and mission …”

Mr. Rohit K. Shukla, introduced the book to a packed audience of Biotech, Pharma, and Governmental executives; and academic professors at a LARTA-NIH Conference at San Jose, California.





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